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Several public authorities and organisations provide information on research ethics legislation and guidelines. This information appears in print, via websites and information services. Below are some links to this type of material.

General information

For many years now, the Swedish Research Council has run the Codex website which contains overview articles, links and much more.

It is also possible to download the Swedish Research Council’s booklet, Good Research Practice, available in English and free of charge. The booklet deals with the ethical aspects of the entire research process.

ALLEA has publiced a code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

Personal information in research

Anyone using qualitative registers in research can get excellent assistance from the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare’s register service.

Statistics Sweden (SCB) provides information on its website about how researchers are to proceed when requesting access to SCB’s collections for research purposes.

Karolinska institutet runs an information page for researchers interested in population-based register data.

Biobank research

Sweden’s municipalities and counties run a website with information on biobanks.

The website of the IVO (the Health and Social Care Inspectorate) features relevant forms and information on the rules for setting up and terminating a biobank and the rules for the transfer of samples from a biobank.

Ethical review

You can read more on the website of the Swedish Ethical Review Authority about the review procedure. The site also features contact details for the various offices of the review board.

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