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Research ethics network

The research ethics network at Lund University consists of a coordinator and representatives from the University’s faculties. The network contributes to ensuring that the information initiatives concerning research ethics maintain a high quality and are felt to be relevant by the University’s researchers and doctoral students.

Network members

lars.edvinsson [at] (Lars Edvinsson), Faculty of Medicine

Merle.Horne [at] (Merle Horne), Faculties of Humanities and Theology

mats.johansson [at] (Mats Johansson) (coordinator/convener)

Almut.Kelber [at] (Almut Kelber), Faculty of Science

ronny.berndtsson [at] (Ronny Berndtsson), University Specialised Centres

gisela.priebe [at] (Gisela Priebe), Faculty of Social Sciences

Kirk.Scott [at] (Kirk Scott), School of Economics and Management

ingrid.svensson [at] (Ingrid Svensson), Faculty of Engineering

vilhelm.persson [at] (Vilhelm Persson), Faculty of Law

Vacant, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

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Any questions?

Do you have any questions regarding research ethics regulations? As an employee of Lund University, you can turn to forskningsetik [at]